2020  Recovery: Peace Prospects in the Biden Era
2017  Hope Not Fear: Building Peace in a Fractured World
2015  The United Nations
2014  Peacemakers
2011  How We Stopped Loving the Bomb
2007  Global Conscience
2005  Beyond Hiroshima
2003  The Human Right to Peace
1999    Bread Not Bombs: A Political Agenda for Social Justice    
1997  The Ultimate Evil: The Fight to Ban Nuclear Weapons
1995  An Unacceptable Risk: Nuclear Weapons in a Volatile World
1995  Safe Passage into the Twenty-First Century
1993  A Bargain for Humanity: Global Security by 2000
1992  In the Eye of the Catholic Storm: The Church Since Vatican II
(with Bishop Remi De Roo and Mary Jo Leddy)
Building Global Security: Agenda for the 1990s
1984  United Nations: Divided World
1983  Politicians for Peace
1979  What Development is All About
1976  The Human Side of Politics
1976  Justice Not Charity: A New Global Ethic for Canada
1970  It's a New World
1969  Man to Man
1968  The Catholic Revolution