Beyond Hiroshima

When the first atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, it could hardly have been imagined that 60 years later more than 30,000 nuclear weapons would be in existence. The Cold War is long over, but half the world's population still lives under a government that brandishes nuclear weapons.

In Beyond Hiroshima, Douglas Roche, Canada's former Ambassador for Disarmament, exposes the myths about nuclear weapons and offers solutions that will help make global peace and political stability possible.

In his view, it is reasonable to hope for and work for a world beyond Hiroshima.

"Douglas Roche walks us through all the arguments and through the history of previous efforts to achieve nuclear disarmament, updating us on today's dangers of nuclear terrorism and the use of space for future wars. He builds up a political, moral and religious case, drawing on his thirty years' experience working on nuclear issues as a parliamentarian, diplomat and educator. Readers will profit from his unique insights."

from the Foreward, by Jayantha Dhanapala, former United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Disarmament Affairs

"I want to suggest, in the strongest possible terms, that you read Doug Roche's new book Beyond Hiroshima. (trade paperback, Novalis, Ottawa, September 2005). This is one of the most important books published in Canada in many years.

If you are concerned about peace, nuclear weapons, disarmament, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, Canada's place in the world, the weaponization of space and similar topics, you must read Doug's vitally important new book. And talk to your friends and family about it. It's a shame, but so characteristic, that most of our media has totally ignored the book."

Mel Hurtig, Author/Publisher




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