Hope Not Fear: Building Peace in a Fractured World

The bursts of terrorism, bombings and political turmoil in today’s world have convinced many people that peace is impossible. The election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency and the 2016 vote in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union are the result of a populist fear of an unknown future. We’re told that the international political order, established after World War II, is imploding. A new form of belligerent politics has replaced the generosity of spirit that produced such great achievements as the United Nations and the Marshall Plan, which rebuilt war-ravaged Europe. Mindful of the dangers of climate change and nuclear catastrophe, the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking says, “We are at the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity”. No wonder people are gloomy.

This short, vibrant book presents a calm assessment of the gains the world has already made, strengthening us to fight back against the shrill voices of fear. Understanding the quiet successes of the substantial peace infrastructure already in place gives us the foundation of hope needed to avert the self-fulfilling potential of fear-mongering leaders, and a pragmatic foundation on which to advance the human security agenda.

Former Canadian Prime Ministers Hail Doug Roche’s Book on Hope for Peace

“The bursts of terrorism, bombings and political turmoil in today’s world have convinced many people that peace is impossible. But Doug Roche dissents from this view with solid reasons for hope that a safer world can be built. There’s far more going on in the world than the headlines tell us. In this wonderful book, Roche gives us realistic hope for a more peaceful world.” --—Rt. Hon. John Turner

“Doug Roche looks at the world through the lens of a long life spent working to solve problems. Never naive, but always optimistic, Doug knows how much human effort and devotion have gone into making the institutions and norms of peace and progress and he is clear-eyed about the sources of disruption that threaten all those good efforts. You will be re- energized by Doug Roche's vision and encouraged by the signposts of hope that he identifies. This is a timely book!” --—Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell

“Great numbers of people are awakening and demanding fairness in our approach to society’s needs. That is the essential message underlying Doug Roche’s well-grounded hope for peace. He is right in calling for stronger international institutions to build the structures of peace. This is an optimistic and very realistic book by an experienced parliamentarian.” --—Rt. Hon. Paul Martin

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