Keep Hope Alive: Essays for a War-Free World

The Ukraine war is a scarring tragedy, with hundreds of thousands killed and wounded, famines worsened, nuclear warfare threatened, and diplomacy unraveled. How do we get to a place of hope from here? This collection of essays shines a light on the reasons for my hope that humanity can achieve a peaceful and just coexistence through the U.N.'s New Agenda for Peace and its blueprint for sustainable development.

“As our world sits on the edge of great technological, social, and environmental change, humanity’s most valuable tools will not be weapons or AI, but wisdom and ethos. Enter Douglas Roche.... Senator Roche has provided us, yet again, with an inspirational call to action and a practical handbook for hope.”
--—Lieutenant-General (ret) The Honourable Romeo Dallaire

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181 pages
isbn: 978-0995911376