Press Release re: Motion No. 128

April 13, 1999

On April 13, 1999, the Senate of Canada unanimously adopted MotionNo. 128, introduced by Senator Douglas Roche, without a vote. The Motionstates:
"That the Senate recommend that the Government ofCanadaurge NATO to begin a review of its nuclear weapons policies atthe Summit Meeting of NATO on April 23 to 25, 1999."

In speaking during the debate on the Motion in the Senate on March 23rdSenator Roche indicated that at the upcoming NATO Summit three importantdocuments will be presented: a new Strategic Concept; a Communiqué thatwould present NATO's policy agenda; and a vision statement on NATO's futurepurpose and mission. Indisputably, "NATO is the greatest military alliancein the history of the world and it is now about to celebrate its fiftiethanniversary. Canada has consistently made a great contribution over theyears and thus it is perfectly appropriate for Canada, as an importantmember of NATO, to press for this review."

"The point at issue is that nuclear weapons in NATO have lost their militaryvalue and are being kept for their political value."The intention of the Motion is that leaders will instigate a review ofnuclear weapons policies at the time of the summit.

Doug Roche